The Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic effects every aspect of our economy and life itself. It is unprecedented in modern times, and is a worldwide data-analysis and data-modeling challenge. Measurement and understanding of it is evolving rapidly. Expert analysis and opinion is offered with the data set to help financial asset managers and quantitative analysts understand what medical information is important for financial modeling, and what is not. We present data reported by a myriad of public health agencies, governors' offices, and health ministries, rationalized, sanitized, and normalized in a well-defined, medically validated, consistent way. We provide clean data feeds enriched with key milestones from public policy and mitigation actions overlayed to bring understanding of possible future trajectories. Data is carefully prepared with statistical parameters for trending, graphics and visual display, to enable forecasting the impact of the pandemic spread, recovery, and potential successive waves. Supply side, health care resource demand, availability and effectiveness are optional. Custom consulting for analysis or modeling purposes is available.

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